Monday, July 28, 2014

GAC Motor and Hollywood: A Love Story

Michael Bay on location.
-- The true story of how an international blockbuster came to feature GAC Motor vehicles

-- GAC Motor regarded the cooperation as an important lesson in how to fuse Eastern and Western culture, and strategically set itself apart from previous placement of China-based brands in Hollywood films. 

GAC Motor ("GAC") never had any notion that it would have anything to do with Transformers 4. Not every brand has the power and influence to earn a prominent place in a Hollywood blockbuster. GAC, as a newcomer among China's proprietary brands, had not given a thought to getting a spot in the film.

GAC had been expanding according to plan and officially launched its overseas strategy in 2013 to raise awareness of its brand. In January 2013, GAC provided Chinese flavour to the North American International Auto Show with three vehicles: a four-wheel-drive hybrid sedan called GAC MOTOR, an electric SUV "prototype" dubbed GAC MOTOR GS5 and the range-extended electric hybrid E-jet, a concept car.

GAC caught the eye of a Transformers 4 producer at that show. As he passed by the GAC booth, he took note of the E-jet's modelling and immediately had a positive feeling about what the Chinese automaker was capable of.

"The terms of cooperation proposed by the Transformers 4 team were highly acceptable. As the release of the movie coincided with the launch of our international expansion strategy, we looked forward to joining hands with them if the conditions were right. This cooperation will surely bring GAC into the spotlight and will be helpful to our overseas promotion," recalled Liu Haoyuan, head of public relations at GAC.

In the film's storyline, a made-in-China vehicle that Chinese officials and military top brass drive is required. GAC was selected as a potential supplier by the Ministry of Public Security's Purchase Centre for Police Equipment in April 2013. After undergoing a stringent series of tests and evaluations conducted by the Chinese military, GAC was ranked No.1 on the supplier list.

GAC General Manager Wu Song explained, "We only had one requirement: that the shot of our car be inserted at the right time and place." GAC believes that "Quality is everything." One of the goals that Wu Song wanted to achieve through the cooperation was gradually changing the world's opinion of China's indigenous brands. Step by step, China-based brands can be accepted by international consumers once they have hands-on experience. Chinese brands will have a role to play in the world market.

The overseas expansion history of China-based brands and Michael Bay's career path share something in common. Michael Bay had his ups and downs when he was a young director. For a while nothing he tried was successful; even DreamWorks Studios shut its door to him. However, thanks to the Transformers movies, Michael Bay has turned the tables. It's not a good thing for a person to be lucky in everything he or she does. Similarly, if China-based brands had not learned their lessons the hard way, they may not trigger the reverence among consumers they are commanding today. 

As for Michael Bay, he is interested in having a car that reflects his own tastes. We can picture what an exciting scene it would be if Michael Bay were to take part in car design at GAC: that would be a truly sensational event just as GAC, as a solely Asian car brand, was featured in the car-themed world classic Transformers.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

When a 50-year-old Ferrari sells for $52million, it's time to go under the hood.

Quentin Willson and Jodie Kidd.
 - A ground-breaking global TV series that provides unprecedented access to the cars, personalities and events that underpin the classic car world
- Distributed for broadcast globally by Sony Pictures Television
- The Classic Car Show will have movie production values. 
- Formally launched at MIPCOM in October, first show airs January 2015

Welcome to The Classic Car Show, a peak-time global TV series capturing the passion, glamour, history and personalities in a multi-billion dollar world.

Hitting screens from January 2015, The Classic Car Show will be hosted by international supermodel and 
racing driver, Jodie Kidd, with founder member of the Top Gear TV team and Britain's most renowned classic car journalist, Quentin Willson. 

Richly shot with movie quality production values, The Classic Car Show brings together the world's most prestigious and glamorous cars with A-list contributions from the likes of David Gandy, Bruno Senna, David Coulthard and Sir Stirling Moss.

Recent films include Jodie Kidd in a Jaguar XK120 at the Mille Miglia, Quentin Willson driving Keith Richards' Ferrari 246 GT Dino on the French Riviera, Derek Bell in a Porsche 962 at Le Mans and Bruno Senna putting 10 classics through their paces on the racetrack.

Over the last ten years the classic car market has become a multi-billion dollar industry with values growing ahead of fine art, wine, gold and real estate. Top end Ferraris have increased in value by 55 per cent in 2013 alone and collectively the classic car market has grown faster than any other asset class, increasing by 257 per cent since 2005.

It is this growth, intrigue and unparalleled glamour that have driven the creation of the series. The Classic Car Show will provide entertaining and visually compelling TV, produced not just for those who can tell a Ferrari 250 GTO from a 275 GTB, but for the whole family.

Produced by Jim Wiseman and Stephanie Fox - who have backgrounds in Top Gear and Top Gear Live - The Classic Car Show format brings a truly global magazine perspective. With a multi-million pound production budget, the cars and personalities featured will receive the high-end gloss HD treatment they deserve.

Quentin Willson said: "No-one has filmed a classic car series like this before. We've got gorgeous cars, A-list celebs, passionate stories, an extraordinary filming budget and endless enthusiasm. The Classic Car Show is an amazing insightful series without a socket set in sight."

Jodie Kidd said: "Classic cars are beautiful, sexy and evocative; when you climb in and turn the engine something magical happens. The Classic Car Show is a back-stage pass to one of the most exciting and exhilarating forms of art that we have."

David Coulthard, former Formula 1 driver and BBC TV F1 presenter, added: "The Classic Car Show nails the passion we all feel for historic cars, whether they're battle-scarred racers or polished and preened show cars. It tells the stories of the men and women behind them too - it's must-see TV."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

AADA Convention: Dealer Solutions Workshops’ Presenters

Chris Polities, Dealer Director,
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Alan Bergman, CEO, Star Automotive Consulting.

John Gavljak, Director, Audit and Assurance, Moore Stevens.
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International Speaker, Simon Bowkett.
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