Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The moment when you, your car and your life are one – has arrived.

The KPMG Automotive report ‘Me, My Car, My Life’ will change the way we think
and revolutionise the way we think about and use our cars. A car is no longer just a way to get from point A to point B. It’s a control centre for our mobile lives. As a result, the automotive industry is in the midst of a massive evolution.

Key takeaways from the whitepaper: 
The era of the two-car family will likely decline
In fact, the argument for owning a car gets weaker by the moment. Spending approximately $30k for an asset that loses 11 percent of its value the minute you drive it off the lot and then sits idle more than 90 percent of the time isn’t the most rational economic decision. Mobility-on-demand companies like Uber and Zipcar now provide compelling alternatives to ownership, especially in urban areas. With the potential shift in ownership demand, OEMs better update their economic models.
Enormous opportunities in new markets 
Mature markets are becoming saturated, while new markets are emerging. History teaches that when people make it into the middle class, they go shopping for cars. In China, India and sub-Saharan Africa, millions, if not billions of new buyers are reaching that threshold. But the future won’t look like the past, because just as these new buyers get ready to open their wallets, new alternatives to ownership are popping up and gaining traction.
Tame complexity or lose your customers
Some high-end cars now have more lines of code than fighter jets, and the complexity is wreaking havoc production costs and new product launches. Vehicle recalls are at a record high, and customers are complaining vociferously about the design and usability of in-vehicle infotainment. The value of a car now resides in software and electronics - and how well they work together. Get it right or lose your customers.
OEMs are falling from the top of the pyramid 
In fact, there isn’t going to be a pyramid any more. The structure of the automotive ecosystem is changing fast. Designing and producing new vehicles have become far too complex and expensive for any one company to manage all on its own, and in the future, horsepower may matter less than processing power.

The winning companies will be nimble, future-oriented – and prepared to invest in new technologies, new talent and new strategic alliances. This confluence of factors will forever change the way automakers view product development, the traditional automotive supply chain models, their customer sales and service models, and even their organisational structures.
Read the report here:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Read a Magazine While You’re Driving to The Office? Why Not!

Soon you’ll be able to use your iPAD and mobile phone while driving without getting a hefty fine and losing three demerit points – that is if you own a Volvo.

Volvo plans to have 100 self-driving cars on selected roads around Gothenburg Sweden using cloud sensors, cloud-based positioning systems and intelligent braking and steering technologies by 2017.

Owners will be able to choose whether they want to drive themselves or switch to driverless mode backed-up by an autopilot similar to what’s installed in modern aircraft.

Should a malfunction occur, or in the case of extreme weather conditions, the driver will be prompted to take over and if he can’t pull over, the vehicle will come to a safe stop all by itself.

The technology will also be able to handle to almost every scenario, from relaxed commuting to heavy traffic to emergency situations.

What’s more, Volvo says that in a real emergency situation the car would react faster than most humans.

Once the pilot is up and running, it will provide Volvo with in-depth knowledge about self-driving cars and help the company explore how they can contribute to sustainable mobility.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rolls Royce Ready to Roll Out New ‘Roller’

Snack-able outtakes from the Chairman and the CE of Rolls-Royce on the announcement of a new Rolls-Royce
  • 2003 marked the beginning of the renaissance of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars with the launch of the Phantom
  • Phantom hailed as the best car in the world by customers and media
  • 2015 Ghost and Wraith launched successfully
  • Customers’ demands will be met with a new high bodied Rolls Royce and all-aluminum architecture designed by RR Director of Design Giles Taylor
  • Like its predecessors, the new car will be able to conquer unexplored deserts and mountain ranges 
  • Sir Henry Royce famously said: "When it does not exist, design it". We are doing just that.