Thursday, October 30, 2014

MediaMath Acquires Social Advertising Platform Upcast to Enhance Social Media Offering

- Upcast Technology Offers MediaMath Clients Large-Scale Social Ad Campaign Management and Optimization on Facebook and Twitter

MediaMath today announced its acquisition of Upcast, a powerful social advertising technology platform (, to further empower agencies and brands to take advantage of the growing digital marketing opportunities afforded by Facebook, Twitter, and other emerging social media companies.

Headquartered in the U.K. and with presence in Singapore, Berlin, Dublin, and Warsaw, Upcast is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner serving clients worldwide. Through seamless integration with these social networks, Upcast enables marketers to create, manage, and optimize large-scale social advertising campaigns, and provides full visibility into campaign performance to help marketers improve ROI. The acquisition expands upon MediaMath's current social offerings via the Facebook Exchange (FBX) and Twitter Tailored Audiences solutions.

"Our mission is to empower marketers with the tools to unify marketing efforts across all digital channels, and we felt it was critical to expand on our existing social offering with the acquisition of a leading platform in the space," said Ari Buchalter, MediaMath's Chief Operating Officer. "We evaluated dozens of companies in search of a market leader integrated with multiple platforms, with robust and flexible technology, a proven best-in-class product, a truly global presence, and a strong team with a proven track record. Upcast was far and away the clear choice. We're excited to integrate their technology into the TerminalOne platform."

"MediaMath has been a key Resonate partner in helping us engage audiences defined by our unique values and motivations data," said Andy Hunn, COO of Resonate. "The acquisition of Upcast and their social media capabilities will significantly advance the execution of cross-channel campaigns with a more unified view of our customers' advertising and audiences."

The addition of Upcast's best-in-class social ad management tool reinforces TerminalOne's position as the central operating system for marketers ( seeking a single platform that effectively engages their target audiences across a fragmented media landscape.

"As social channels expand their advertising capabilities, marketers and brands will require the right technology partner that is capable of developing robust and differentiating features with great speed and agility," said Patrick Dawson, Managing Partner of Upcast. "By marrying Upcast's agile technology with TerminalOne, marketers gain a more complete view of their digital advertising, maximizing scale and efficiency across all channels."

Grant Muckle, Managing Partner of Upcast, also commented, "MediaMath shares our vision for a dynamic, technology-driven, and SaaS-centric future for marketing, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on the promise of social media advertising as part of the MediaMath family."

Advertisers looking to learn more about how Upcast's solution can transform their social marketing efforts, click here ( 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

GENIVI Alliance Receives Supplier Innovation Award From BMW Group

-- Special "Innovation Partnership" Award Presented for Delivery of First Open Source Infotainment Platform 

    The GENIVI(R) Alliance, an automotive and consumer electronics industry association driving the development and adoption of open source In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software has received the Supplier Innovation Award in the category of Innovation Partnership from the BMW Group.

    Presented during its third BMW Supplier Innovation Awards event in Amsterdam, the award recognizes BMW's most innovative suppliers as key partners in making decisive contributions to the success of the company.

    In November 2013, BMW introduced its first generation GENIVI Linux head unit product, which is now featured in many BMW Group models.  The head unit, which is the central component for in-car communications, navigation and entertainment, leveraged the open source software developed in GENIVI for the non-differentiating functionality required by IVI systems.  

    "With the delivery of our first Linux head unit, BMW has proven the benefit of an open source development approach," said Sajjad Khan, senior vice president, Infotainment and Connected Drive, BMW Group.  "Our suppliers are now providing a GENIVI Compliant(R) platform as default because they believe it's the best way to build a quality IVI product."

    BMW has launched a second GENIVI development project that will reuse code from its first program, and benefit from new code added to the GENIVI platform since their first program was completed.

    "GENIVI is honored to receive the Supplier Innovation Award from the BMW Group," said Philippe Gicquel, president, GENIVI Alliance.  "This award, along with their successful production program, and their launch of a second GENIVI program, is confirmation that GENIVI's open source model of collaborative development can accelerate the implementation of the full connected platform for infotainment solutions without compromising quality or cost."

About GENIVI Alliance 

    The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit industry association whose mission is to drive the broad adoption of a specified In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open source development software stack. GENIVI will accomplish this by aligning requirements, delivering software, offering certification programs and fostering a vibrant open source IVI community. GENIVI's work will result in shortened development cycles, quicker time-to-market, and reduced costs for companies developing IVI equipment and software. Comprised of more than 160 member companies, GENIVI is headquartered in San Ramon, Calif.  Please visit for more information. 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

International Design Studios Predict How Cars Will Interact With Humans For 11th Annual Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge

-- Futuristic Vehicle Concepts to be Presented During Press and Trade Days Nov. 18-20.

The Los Angeles Auto Show ( ) (LA Auto Show(R)) has unveiled the 2014 Design Challenge entries submitted by world-renowned auto design studios for its 11th annual competition. This year's entries explore the future of automobile connectivity by responding to the prompt: "Sensing the Future: How Will Cars Interact With Us In 2029?"

Each Design Challenge entry showcases how future technology will further transform human-to-machine interfaces that connect with senses, predict our next moves and create a more humanlike relationship with our vehicles. Specifically, entries are focused on automotive interiors that will comfortably and safely connect the driver and/or passengers to the car by 2029. With in-car connectivity and technology moving forward at a rapid pace, the Design Challenge pushes automotive designers to explore new instruments and knowledge like never before.

The design studios participating in this year's Design Challenge represent the following global automakers: Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Peterbilt and Qoros. Several other studios will participate by showcasing their latest future-facing concepts in the Design Gallery, making for a total of 10 studios from around the world participating in the Show. Studios exhibiting in the gallery include: CALTY Design Research (USA), Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center California (USA), Nissan Design America, Inc. (USA), Subaru Global Design Team (Japan) and Volkswagen Group of America Design Center California (USA). Additionally, leading design schools will display select student concepts in a special part of the gallery.

The 2014 LA Auto Show Design Challenge Entries:
Honda R & D Americas, Inc. (USA) designed a human-to-machine interface concept for Acura that is comprised of an exterior and interior shell, connected through a modular adjustable mesh material that can flex to custom fit a passenger's preferences. Able to accommodate one or two passengers, the interior is constructed out of a fabric-like material that can be altered simply by pushing or pulling on the surface. With the help of biometrics and repeated use, the vehicle will be able to learn the user's preferences, anticipate their needs and have the ability to change its shape.

Honda Advanced Design Tokyo (Japan) presents the CARpet, a human-focused interior consisting of two elements, a carpet and a ball. The carpet is a highly flexible platform used to create a seamless and uninterrupted space with the freedom to change its shape to accommodate each user. Whether alone or travelling with friends, users can manipulate the car's interior and make intuitive and natural forms for their ride. The second element, the Honda ball, allows drivers to interact during their autonomous journey. Within its closed shape, the Honda ball provides users a calm interface that responds to voice, touch and gesture commands for human-to-vehicle communication. In "active mode," the driver can use the ball to control the car; the synergy between car and machine emulates that between a rider and their horse. Via the Honda ball, the car interprets driver commands to determine its optimum move.

Infiniti Design San Diego (USA) introduces a brand new universal fuselage pod that can transform into three vehicle types. This vehicle will be used for the brand's unique triathlon competition, the A.R.C. race (Air, Rally, Circuit). The first stretch of the A.R.C. race is a Formula 1 grand prix course from LA to Las Vegas. The second portion is a desert race, which requires driving an off-road buggy to the Grand Canyon. The final leg of the race is a radical gymkhana-style jet race through virtual pylons back to Los Angeles. The A.R.C. triathlon race will also be the debut of Infiniti's new futuristic HMI called SYNAPTIQ, a system that will make the driver and machine become one by connecting the SYNAPTIQ S.U.I.T. (Symbiotic User Interface Technology) through spinal lock attachment. It will enhance the driver's passion and performance for racing as well as influence the design of a vehicle that will provoke imagination.

Peterbilt Motors (USA) created SymbiotUX, (pronounced "Symbiotics"), a concept based on the projection that the future of transportation will be dominated by a transformational shift toward vehicles operating together in truly symbiotic relationships that will, in turn, improve efficiency, safety, wellness and travel enjoyment. An important part of this transformation will be the role of "truck driver," which will grow in stature and esteem (similar to that of an airplane pilot). SymbiotUX is a design concept that explores and illustrates how human-to-machine interfaces will be transformed by this future reality. The road pilot will have greater responsibility; therefore, the spaces and interfaces of a vehicle in "pilot mode" will be purpose-driven to enhance pilot capabilities leading to energy efficiency, reduced accidents, traffic and prevent overall wear and tear.

Qoros Design Shanghai (China) introduces a digital and physical concept, Q: Qoros Qloud Qubed, where the vehicle will become an intelligent, multi-dimensional personal management assistant. Q learns from the user over time through the five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. The dynamics of the relationship between Q and the user is modelled on how human relationships develop over time. Q learns the user's tastes, favorite restaurants, places regularly frequented, music preferences, friends, family, etc. during the ownership period and is designed to maximize safety by identifying when the user is acting irresponsibly and quickly switching to automated driving mode.

"This year's entries are particularly compelling because they offer insight into what our vehicles are capable of," said Chuck Pelly, Chief Creative Officer of Intersection, Inc. "This year is a turning point for connected car technology and it's fascinating to see how far we could get in the next 15 years."

Design Challenge entries are judged on various factors including comfort, attention to human sense and emotional connection, ecological sensitivity, creativity of concept, control and function of concept and reflection of the brand. This year's judges include: Tom Matano, Executive Director of the School of Industrial Design, Academy of Art University, Stewart Reed, Chair of Transportation Design, Art Center College of Design and Alexander Klatt, Chair of MFA Transportation Design & Associate Professor, College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

In addition to the judges award, design aficionados from the public will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite Design Challenge entry online starting Oct. 27; to vote, or for more information about the first annual "People's Choice Award," please visit LA Auto Show's website here ( ) or the Show's official Facebook page here ( ). The winner(s) of both honors will be announced and presented with their award(s) before media and industry professionals during the annual Design LA Open House on Thursday, Nov. 20.

Following the Open House will be the Car Design Night LA party, taking place at Elevate Lounge in downtown Los Angeles from 7:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. In contrast to previous years, LA Auto Show credentials will not grant access to Car Design Night LA '14. Design industry professionals interested in attending the offsite affair are invited to register directly with Car Design News here ( ).

The final competition concepts will be prominently displayed in the Design Gallery of the LA Auto Show throughout Press & Trade Days (Nov. 18-20, 2014), as well as through the run of the public show (Nov. 21-30, 2014).

LA Auto Show's Design Challenge is sponsored by Faurecia ( ), the world's sixth-largest automotive supplier specializing in automotive seating, emissions control technologies, interior systems and auto exteriors. In addition to Faurecia, Design LA is made possible by the support of Lacks Enterprises, Inc. ( ), Autodesk ( ), Bose ( ), We-Inspire ( ) and Car Design News. ( )

For more information, please visit and

About the Los Angeles Auto Show and Connected Car Expo Founded in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show is the first major North American auto show of the season each year. Press Days for the 2014 LA Auto Show(R) will be held on Nov. 18 - 20. The show will be open to the public Nov. 21 - Nov. 30. The second annual Connected Car Expo (CCE) will unite automotive and technology professionals in an effort to increase development and foster relationship-building in the connected car industry, providing attendees with access to the key players and top media constructing the future of the connected car. CCE will start on Nov. 18, and continue in conjunction with the 2014 LA Auto Show Press Days. The LA Auto Show is endorsed by the Greater L.A. New Car Dealer Association and is operated by ANSA Productions. To receive the latest show news and information, follow LA Auto Show on Twitter at or via Facebook at and sign up for alerts at For more information on CCE please visit

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Monday, October 27, 2014

SaviCorp(R) Signs Master Distribution Agreement with Beijing FlyingGlob Environmental Technology Limited Company

Automotive innovator forms distribution partnership with Chinese environmental company.

SaviCorp(R) (PINKSHEETS: SVMI) announces that it has entered into a five-year Exclusive Master Distribution Agreement with Beijing FlyingGlob Environmental Technology Limited Company, a company established in the People's Republic of China.

According to the terms of the Agreement, FlyingGlob will promote, distribute and sell SaviCorp's signature line of DynoValve(R) automotive products within its exclusive territory, which is the People's Republic of China and its Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

The distribution agreement follows extensive negotiations between the two companies and was preceded by a letter of intent executed in May 2014. SaviCorp traveled to China in July 2014 to meet with FlyingGlob's CEO, demonstrate the DynoValve(R) technology, and finalize the terms of the exclusive marketing and distribution agreement.

Based on the better-than-expected test results reported by the Chinese Government's environmental testing agency, FlyingGlob entered into the distribution agreement, which establishes a minimum annual purchase volume of 500,000 DynoValve(R) units during the first year. In support of this requirement, FlyingGlob is to purchase an initial order of 50,000 units at a price of $8.25 million. 

During the final four years of the contract, FlyingGlob has agreed to a minimum purchase of 5.5 million units, for a total minimum order of 6 million units during the five-year term of the agreement. The successful distribution and sale of the 6 million units is estimated to produce revenues of approximately $679.5 million. In addition, the agreement provides for a $30 million licensing fee to be paid by FlyingGlob that may be paid over the term of the agreement.

"The potential for SaviCorp's technology to play a key role in the pollution reduction effort underway in China represents a tremendous opportunity for the company and we are thrilled to have FlyingGlob as our partner in this endeavor.

This is a giant step forward for SaviCorp because it also opens the door to significant possibilities in the future distribution of all our DynoValve(R) products," said Serge Monros, Chairman and CEO of SaviCorp. "Our ability to leverage the substantial environmental benefits of our products and align them with FlyingGlob's business model is the perfect marriage of technology and marketing."

With the development of a reliable distribution channel in the People's Republic of China, SaviCorp continues to aggressively expand its international sales scope. The Company's full line of automotive pollution control components will be implemented to full effect, providing a substantial reduction of environmentally detrimental emissions.

Beijing FlyingGlob Environmental Technology Limited Company ( ) is an energy enterprise operating in the field of energy conservation, environmental protection, science and technology research, and the development of eco-friendly equipment.

Beijing FlyingGlob Environmental Technology Limited Company is an energy consumption enterprise in the field of energy saving, environment protection, science and technology research and development, and energy-saving equipment production. It relates to the manufacturing, processing and trading business in the above-mentioned field. 

FlyingGlob has been in the environmental protection field since 2006. The company has always focused on innovation in the field of energy efficiency, improvement and optimization of energy-saving equipment production, and environmental protection technology development.

Beijing FlyingGlob is a professional solution provider in the field of green technology. Its products are distributed in 20 provinces and cities nationwide in China, involving waste water treatment, electric power generation, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel, coal, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing.

Beijing FlyingGlob has participated in the implementation of national projects since 2013, including introduction of high technology motor vehicle exhaust emission technologies to improve air quality. 

SaviCorp(R) is an innovative automotive technology company that licenses, manufactures, distributes and services an array of patented technologies and products that reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

The company, an evolution of more than twenty years of automotive engine emissions testing, materials research and development, was formed to create, support and license its patented supplementary vehicle Emissions Reduction Technologies (ERT).

Using proprietary methods and processes, the company's flagship DynoValve(R) system protects the environment, reduces an engine's carbon footprint, increases gas mileage and improves engine performance, resulting in dramatic savings in both fuel and oil.

For more information regarding SaviCorp(R), its agreement with Beijing FlyingGlob Environmental Technology Limited Company and its products or for information about its current and future product offerings, please visit

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