Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Protect Yourself from Car-jacking

A recent report of the car-jacking of a vehicle listed for sale online, has highlighted the need for private consumers to be careful about how they choose to sell their car on the open market, according to Australia’s newest national car buying service, Sell My Car.

Retail Services Director for Sell My Car, Alan Holgate, said that Sell My Car offers consumers a totally safe and secure way to sell their cars, combined with the comfort of a quick and easy sale.

“We know that safety is a big concern for people listing their cars online for sale. Having to deal with strangers coming to your house and taking them for a test drive can be a risky business, as recent news events have shown.”

“Sell My Car takes away the risk for private sellers. There is no need to post your personal details online or advertise to possible car thieves the availability of your vehicle for potential theft. We will buy your car directly and deal with you personally and confidentially.”

Alan continued, “The fact we have been buying cars in record numbers over the last few months, reinforces the fact there is strong demand for a safe and trustworthy way for people to sell their cars easily and quickly. We know it is comforting for people to use the online valuation tool and then present their car at one of our buying centres and complete the sale on a face-to-face basis.”

“Instead of having to put in a lot of time and effort to sell their car privately, our customers love our simple sales process that sees them receive guaranteed payment for their car within 24 hours. There’s no haggling, no need to invite strangers over to your house to see your car, and no risk of being inconvenienced by ‘no shows’. With Sell My Car, getting a great price and a fast sale for your car is easy.”

Apart from being a safe way to sell your car, one of the main advantages of Sell My Car’s service is the speed and convenience of the sale. While selling your car privately takes an average of five months, Sell My Car gives users cash for their car within 24 hours.

The company buys all makes and models of vehicles and combines the convenience of an online quote with the security and confidence of a face-to-face sale.

How does Sell My Car Work?

Sell My Car makes selling your car easy. It is a safe and secure way to sell your car quickly, reducing the normal time frame of selling your car privately of five months – to just one day!

It removes the hassle of selling your car privately, so you don’t need to deal with ‘no shows’ and worrying exactly who might be coming to your house to look at your car.

As a national car buying service the company buys all makes and models, including luxury vehicles.

Sell your car in three easy steps: 

1.      Online valuation – just enter your vehicle details online to receive an instant offer
2.      Book an appointment – online or on the phone at one of Sell My Car’s convenient locations
3.      Attend an appointment – present your vehicle and the required paperwork and after verifying the condition of your car, a final valuation will be presented with guaranteed payment on the spot if you are happy with the offer

Selling your car this way is a simple, step by step process. With no roadworthy required it makes it a safe and fast way to convert your car into cash, within 24 hours of sale.

About Sell My Car

Sell My Car is owned by Cox Automotive, one of the largest automotive services firms in the world. They purchase vehicles directly from owners offering a fast, easy and simple way for car owners to sell their cars. Payment is guaranteed on all vehicles and paid into customer’s bank accounts within 24 hours of sale.

Sell My Car operates 19 conveniently located buying centres across Australia, each of which is staffed by professional and friendly car buyers. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

What Really Matters to Drivers When Choosing a New Connected Car

Key Takeaways:

    - 'Ultra safe' car concept most popular across all drivers, followed by
      'data tracker' - a car that runs diagnostics, checks repair costs and 
      automatically records accident data
    - Emergency braking, pre-incident preparation and sense & communicate key 
      data are most appealing safety features
    - Leading edge consumers prefer 'in-car voice recognition', while general
      consumers go for 'point of interest search', such as parking spots. 

In a survey across Brazil, Germany, Russia, the UK, the US and China, GfK asked 5,800 consumers to rate the appeal of different types of connected car concepts. A segment that GfK identifies as 'leading edge consumers' (LEC) consistently showed higher numbers rating all these concepts as very or extremely appealing, compared to general consumers.

Frank Hartl, Global Lead for Automotive at GfK, comments, "Leading edge consumers are doubly valuable to the automotive industry. They are a clear 'hot opportunity' for sales of connected cars - and they also give early indicators of where the rest of the market might follow, as the idea of connected cars becomes more embedded and popular."

For both LECs and general consumers, the two most appealing concepts are ultra-safe, a car that makes driving as safe as possible through connectivity with other cars and integrated cameras (96 and 87 percent respectively), followed by data tracker, a car that tracks usage, runs diagnostics, checks repair costs and automatically records accident data (91 and 79 percent respectively).

Third place is split, with LECs preferring a car that knows their entertainment preferences (90 percent) and general consumers opting for 'self-sufficient' - a strong but light electric car (73 percent).

The last-placed car concept for both groups is an autonomous car - but, despite coming below the other concepts offered, this still shows high levels of appeal, standing at well over three-quarters of LECs (81 percent) and two-thirds of general consumers (66 percent).

Entertainment and connectivity appeal

Entertainment and connectivity options scored very highly with LECs, with in-car voice recognition having the most appeal (86 percent), following by in-car wi-fi hotspots and in-car video and event recorders (both 84 percent) and point-of-interest search, such as parking spots (83 percent). In-car entertainment came last, but still with an impressive 79 percent saying it appeals to them.

This level of appeal is particularly interesting when compared to general consumers. In this group, point of interest search was the most popular facility but still only has 57 percent saying it appeals to them. This is followed by in-car voice recognition, in-car wi-fi hotspots and in-car video and event recorders, all with 56 percent. And in-car entertainment again came last, with under half showing interest (47 percent).

About the survey

GfK interviewed 5,800 consumers aged 16 and over, who hold a driving license, in Brazil, Germany, Russia, UK, US and China. Fieldwork was conducted up to November 2014. To qualify as a leading edge consumer, people must meet at least two of three specific criteria: early adopter, influential and passionate about shopping.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Chance for Beta Testers to Sign-up For CRM Sales Platform

Purpose built for the independent and small dealership markets Selly Automotive is a mobile centric, social savvy, lightweight sales platform. Delivering on its mission to save North American based dealerships time and money while accelerating deal closures, Selly Automotive brings a mobile first, sleek and intuitive CRM interface to the market via a state-of-the-art Azure™ based cloud delivery SaaS platform.
“There is a real need for an advancement and simplification in dealership CRM technology to provide dealerships alternatives to expensive, legacy systems” said Zach Klempf, CEO of A1 Software Group.  Selly Automotive is specifically designed for small to medium sized dealerships ranging from independents to smaller franchise stores that need a full dealership sales suite with integrated CRM, internet lead management, and inventory capabilities. 
The inaugural release provides integration for DMS providers plus includes an action oriented Manager’s Portal to aid dealership management in their day-to-day oversight of the showroom.
Selly Automotive enhances “on-the-lot” productivity and arms the automotive sales professional with social media marketing tools with its mobile client - Selly Mobile.  Available as a core part of the Selly Automotive dealership suite, Selly Mobile streamlines the data entry process with its in-app driver’s license and VIN scanning features.
It also offers an industry leading, patent pending Selly Notes Pop Up feature which automatically displays relevant prospect information based on specific sales cycle stage when an inbound contact is made by a previously entered customer.
Delivering real time, mission critical prospect information, Selly Mobile is “always on” as it is accessible through the cloud or offline from the mobile device when no Wi-Fi or cellular signal is available. Selly Automotive is localized in nine different languages to cater to bilingual sales associates and dealerships.
To participate in the Selly Automotive beta program, register your interest at and sign up before 31 March, 2015.
Hear Zach Klempf, CEO of A1 Software Group interviewed on Auto Dealer Live, a weekly radio show that is broadcast nationwide for the US auto industry at: