Monday, June 29, 2015

Join Dans and Martin for 2 Unmissable Master Classes

George Dans' Masterclass for Sales Superstars. 

George Dans is ‘The World’s Greatest Closer’ and it’s not a reputation you get by accident. He is one of the industry’s most-in-demand motivational speakers, and after attending his Super Session at this year’s AADA National Dealer Convention you’ll know why. His secret to sales success is not to work harder, but smarter. Communication is the answer.

Top 10 takeaways:
  • Learn the 7 Secrets to Success
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Mastering the basic selling steps
  • How to ask for the sale
  • Closing like a professional
  • Appointment setting skills
  • Follow-up prospecting
  • Creating a pipeline of prospects
  • Bypassing objections on the phone
  • Staying in-touch with the customer
When: Monday 10 August, 2015. 7.00-10pm, Plenary 3 Theatre.

David Martin’s Masterclass for Service Superstars. 
David Martin is a best-in-class sales and fixed operations authority. He’s a five-time AADA Best Speaker winner and has also presented at nine NADA Conventions. With over 38 years of automotive sales, training and management experience David will share real-life examples and case studies that demonstrate how your service counter is a gold mine – you’ve just got to know how to open it.

Top 10 takeaways:
  • Upselling is NOT a dirty word
  • How to stop leaks in your service department
  • 8 ways to increase sales of needed service and repairs
  • Excelling in customer service
  • Maximising service retention
  • Increasing your department’s profitability
  • How to increase your service and parts gross profit
  • Boosting your CSI scores
  • Building customer relationships through a proper “Meet and Greet” process
  • Following up customer-declined repairs
When: Monday 10 August, 2015. 7.00-10pm, Meeting Rooms 210 and 211

*To attend either one of these business sessions, at least one member from your dealership must be registered as a AADA 2015 National Dealer Convention Delegate. Price includes GST.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Valentino Rossi Scampers up Legendary 1.16 Mile Hill Climb on Yamaha YZR-M1 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi participated for the first time in the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed (held in Goodwood, Britain) at the invitation of event organizer Lord March.

The company, which is celebrating its 60th year, made a purpose-built garage the venue for its exhibit of successive generations of racing machines that trace the history of the Yamaha racing spirit.

Bikes that attracted attention from long-standing European fans included a mix of new and historic bikes: the latest-model YZR-M1 (2015), and factory racers RD56 (1965) and YZR500 (0W23) (1975) ridden by star riders Phil Read and Giacomo Agostini who excited fans throughout the 60's and 70's as they dominated world championships.

Rossi, who recently achieved the first place at the Dutch GP, 8th round of the 2015  MotoGP world championship, showed no signs of lingering fatigue as he flew up the hill climb event on a YZR-M1 in the company's 60th anniversary colors, as well as performing in the four-wheeled racing machine demonstration.

Participation in this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed represented an important opportunity for Yamaha Motor to write a new page in its 60-year corporate and racing history, as well as to embody the company's corporate mission of 'Kando* creation' and its brand slogan 'Revs your Heart'. 

*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Frenchman takes delivery of 250,000th EV

  • Historic EV milestone reached in early June
  • Alliance sells half of all EVs globally
  • EV sales up nearly 15 percent through May vs. same period last year
  • Nissan LEAF remains world’s best-selling EV
  • Frenchman from Bordeaux bought 250,000th Alliance EV: a Renault ZOE
The Renault-Nissan Alliance, the world’s leader in zero-emission mobility, has sold its 250,000th electric vehicle: a white Renault ZOE sold to a French engineer.

The Alliance reached the historic milestone in early June, 4 ½  years after the launch of the Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-market zero-emission vehicle.*  The Alliance today accounts for half of the electric vehicles sold worldwide. Nissan LEAF remains the best-selling electric vehicle of all time, with more than 180,000 units sold.

From January through May, the Alliance sold about 31,700 EVs — up nearly 15 percent over the same period of last year. 

Frenchman takes delivery of 250,000th EV
The 250,000th owner is Yves Nivelle, a computer engineer, who traded in his 21-year-old diesel car for the subcompact Renault ZOE. Nivelle bought his EV after the French government introduced an environmental bonus in April to allow owners of older, polluting diesel cars to trade them in and get a rebate of €10,000 on a new EV.

Alliance has full range of six 100% EVs; Renault leads in Europe
With six models on the road, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is the only global car group with a full range of 100% electric vehicles. In addition to the LEAF, Nissan also sells the e-NV200 van, which has been on sale in Europe and Japan since last year. In addition to the ZOE,

Renault also sells the Renault Kangoo Z.E van, the SM3 Z.E. sedan and the Twizy, a two-seater urban commuter vehicle. 

Yokohama, Japan-based Nissan has sold 185,000 electric vehicles worldwide since December 2010, when the Nissan LEAF went on sale. LEAF has collected numerous industry honours, including the 2011 World Car of the Year, European Car of the Year 2011, and Car of the Year Japan 2011-2012.

The LEAF is sold in 46 markets. Nissan’s top EV markets are the United States, with about 80,000 sales since LEAF’s launch, Japan with about 53,500 units, and Europe with about 41,500.  

Renault, based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, has sold 65,000 electric vehicles worldwide since its first model, the Kangoo Z.E., went on sale in October 2011. Kangoo Z.E. was voted International Van of the Year 2012. 

Renault was the No. 1 EV brand in Europe for the last two months, with a market share of 26 percent. Renault’s top markets are France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway. In France, where ZOE is the most popular EV with almost half the market, the government’s environmental bonus allows drivers to lease the ZOE, including the battery, for as little as €99 a month. 

The Renault-Nissan Alliance was recently chosen as the official passenger-car provider for the United Nation’s COP21 climate conference in Paris from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11. The Alliance will provide a fleet of 200 EVs to shuttle delegates to the annual conference. It will be the first time the U.N. will use a zero-emission fleet for its entire passenger car shuttle at a COP event. 

*No CO2 emissions and no regulated atmospheric pollutants while driving according to homologation cycle (NEDC).